To treat the underlying causes of your symptoms we use a combination of active and passive treatments. This will help you to be able to continue your training independently and outside of our training area. 

A prescription from a doctor is not necessary to use our services, but please be aware that certain regulations and costs may apply.


We use physical therapy for treating symptoms associated with muscular problems, stiffness and blockages in the joints, pain points, as well as arthritis, contusions and post-surgical issues. 

We often add equipment such as foam rollers, gymnastic bands or stability balls to the physical therapy sessions.


This treatment method is used to determine and treat functional disorders of the musculoskeletal system and is carried out using a series of specially fine-tuned massage and mobilisation techniques by hand.

It is commonly used in cases of injuries and/or post-surgery, such as dislocations, impaired range of motion, impingement conditions, supination trauma, spinal conditions, implantation of artificial joints, ACL-Implants and others.


This is a treatment method using various pieces of equipment such as exercise machines and devices in order to improve physical strength, agility and coordination. We use this treatment method for example during post-operative recovery, for fractures or joint injuries, but also to help prevent joint attrition, back problems or chronic pain syndromes.


All these and more you can experience with us!

Medical or sports taping is commonly used to stabilise joints, usually after supination trauma, or for example with injuries of the calf muscles such as strains, torn muscle fibres or bruising.

In some cases elastic tapes are used instead of sports tapes and are available in a variety of different colours.

Welcome to our colourful world!


This treatment method is used to facilitate tissue relaxation, blood flow and to give that certain spa feeling.


Used to treat swelling, or to provide fast pain relief – and nothing beats an ice-cold drink in the summer.


This treatment method is prescribed for symptoms associated with loss of motor function, paraesthesia and other neurological ailments. It can also be used is to administer certain medications through the skin into deeper tissues.


Also known as “Performance Diagnostics”, but we find that term a little too technical. We prefer to examine the current state of you and your body in order to determine if there are any risks of afflictions or even injuries. In the course of our review we will determine your improvements using a variety of subjective and objective parameters, in order to give you a full overview of your progress.

Simulating Everyday Life

We use a mixture of free weights, pulleys and your own body weight in order to offer you an effective treatment plan.
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